Why this tool?

All NFTs are beautiful, but some are rarer than others.

NFT Rarity is a free tool providing you with a detailed list of the most popular collections' assets with their associated rarities.

Most of all, buy NFTs that YOU LOVE!

Rarest Properties Ranking

NFT Rarity uses the Rarest Properties Ranking (RPR) measure to provide you with easy to understand rankings.

With this measure, the rarity of an asset is the rarity of its rarest properties.
If two assets share the same rarest property, then we compare their second rarest property. Same goes for 3rd, 4th etc.

This gives us an easy-to-understand way of measuring the rarity of an asset.

Why this method?

We experimented with a few methods: statistical rarity, average properties rarity, weighted properties rarity...
While all these methods are legit, we felt that the best way to "feel" the rarity of an asset, based on its properties, was to use the RPR method.
However, our ranking method is subject to change, so DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before purchasing an asset based on rarity.